This is a small tip of my personal Packing Checklist.

1. Passport & ID
double check the expired date, ensure at least 6 months before the expiry date. some country immigration may reject you go in if your password will expire soon.
2. Boarding Pass & Pen
without this, you can't leave your home country, usually, I keep the soft copy on my phone as a backup. so if anything happens to them you’ll be able to access them online.
3. Hotel Checking & Travel Insurance documents
Usually, I printed out and keep a copy of PDF version, some country immigration may ask the details before you approve you go in the country.
4. Credit Card, ATM Card and Cash
always activate your ATM oversea withdraw function before you travel. after arrive and check-in, I always suggest you keep some small amount of cash in your suitcase. just for emergency backup use.
5. Travel transportation card
Usually, I keep from my previous trip and can re-use if I go the same country again. no need to spend money to buy a new card.
6.  Roaming Data Sim Card
sometimes your local telco prepaid sim roaming data package may cheaper than the country Travel Data package. You have to research and compare it. may help you to save some money.
7. Travel Adapter, Power Socket Extention & Power Bank. 
Each country has a different type of power socket. you should ready 1 travel adapter to fit all type of socket. suggest getting good quality with USB charging function. but as my personal tips. I always bring along the Travel Adapter + Power socket extension, so I can use all my local charging plug. it saves time when you require to charge your phone, laptop, iPad, camera and power bank.

Prepare Your Personal Item Carry-On Bag
this bag will carry your important items. like passport, boarding pass, cash, and medicine, in case your luggage is lost. But remember, you’ll be carrying all of this, so keep it light.
I will carry a small daypack to put all your personal item as well. include the small but valuable items. Here are some good things to include:

Phone, iPad Device & charger, Headphones (consider noise-reducing headphones if you're sensitive to sound)
Camera and/or a video camera, memory card, and charger
Travel pillow, blanket, eye mask, and ear plugs
Travel journal and pen

Pack Your Toiletry Bag
If you’re carrying on and no check-in your luggage, keep your toiletry bag light makes sure all the liquids, gels, aerosols, creams, and pastes must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less per container and they must be in a 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag. if you check in your luggage, just put in your luggage and don't carry it. except for the contact lenses solutions. besides this, most of the item won't use during the flight time.
actually, I suggest just wear the normal glasses and only change back to contact lenses after you check in to your hotel.

Here are The Toiletry Bag Basics items
Toothbrush, toothpaste
Hair brush and Hair Gel, bobby pins Deodorant
Shampoo and conditioner
Makeup bags ( for girls )
Face wash, Lotion, Lip balm
Personal hygiene items
Feminine hygiene products
Extra contacts, solution, and case
Shaving kit and extra razors
Facial tissues
Scissors, nail clippers, and tweezers (must be in checked luggage)
Travel Health, First aid kit
Allergy medicines ( if any )
Eye drops ( I must bring this, is really usuful)

Prepare Your Home
Must the people only prepare the item to carry during travel use. and they always forgot this part.

Empty refrigerator
Unplug appliances
Turn off heater/air conditioner
Turn down water heater
Turn off washing machine taps
Lock all doors and windows
Set up timed light system
Store valuables in a safe place
Leave house key and trip itinerary with a trusted friend Leave flight and
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